Ice Tools

Ice Tools

Ice Tools

The use of bar ice tools is indispensable for crafting exceptional drinks and maintaining a high level of service. Bar ice tools, including essentials like ice crushers, ice scoops,ice chipper tools, and more, play a crucial role in the art of mixology. 

Types of bar Ice tools

Ice Scoops:

  • Classic Scoops: These are the workhorses of the bar, with a deep bowl and sturdy handle for scooping up ice cubes with ease. Choose stainless steel for durability or plastic for a lightweight option.
  • Strainer Scoops: These combine a scoop with a built-in strainer, allowing you to scoop and strain ice in one go. Perfect for adding ice directly to glasses without dilution.
  • Portion Scoops: These have markings or compartments for scooping specific quantities of ice, ideal for consistent cocktails and avoiding over-dilution.

Ice Picks:

  • Classic Ice Pick: A simple yet effective tool for breaking up large ice chunks or chipping ice for muddling or garnishes. Choose one with a sharp point and comfortable grip.
  • Muddle-Tip Ice Pick: This combines a pointed tip for breaking ice with a blunt end for muddling herbs and fruits, offering versatility in one tool.
  • Ice Tongs: These are essential for handling ice without touching it directly, keeping your drinks hygienic and preventing ice contamination. Choose stainless steel for durability or silicone for grip and scratch-free glassware.

Ice Molds:

  • Cube Molds: These classic molds produce standard-sized ice cubes ideal for most cocktails. Choose silicone for easy release or plastic for affordability.
  • Sphere Molds: Spheres melt slower, diluting your drink less and adding a touch of elegance. Silicone molds are famous because of their versatility and simple usage.
  • Specialty Molds: For a touch of creativity, explore molds that produce star-shaped, flower-shaped, or even skull-shaped ice for unique presentations.

Bonus Tools:

  • Ice Crusher: This manual or electric tool crushes ice into smaller pieces, perfect for cocktails like Mojitos or Sazeracs.
  • Ice Plane: This tool shaves ice into thin ribbons, adding a unique texture and visual element to cocktails.

Ice crushers efficiently break down ice into a variety of textures, from finely crushed to bigger chunks, to accommodate a wide range of cocktail recipes. Bartenders use ice scoops to seamlessly transfer ice from bins to shakers or glasses, ensuring precise measurements and a consistent chill in every pour, and  ice chipper tools shred ice into smaller, more manageable pieces, allowing for quicker chilling of liquids. These bar Ice tools not only help with cocktail temperature and dilution control, but they also enhance the visual appeal of the drink. In a busy bar setting, the efficiency and dependability of ice equipment are crucial, allowing bartenders to serve refreshing and well-crafted cocktails to discerning customers. Bistro2Rest has them.


Can I use an ice chipper tool on large ice blocks? 

Yes, you can use an ice chipper on large ice blocks.

Can ice chippers be used for sculpting ice?

It's designed to break down ice into smaller pieces, but it's not suitable for detailed ice sculpting. For that, specialized tools like ice carving knives, chisels, and precision instruments are needed.

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