A jigger is a bartending tool used for measuring and pouring precise amounts of liquid, typically for cocktail preparation. It is an essential tool for mixologists and bartenders to ensure accurate and consistent proportions in drinks. Bar jiggers are typically made of metal, most commonly stainless steel, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Jigger Material:

  • Stainless Steel Double jigger:The most popular choice because to their longevity and simplicity of cleaning. Sizes and styles are available.
  • Plastic: They are perfect for usage outdoors or by clumsy hands because they are lightweight and shatterproof. Not as strong as stainless steel, but frequently less expensive.
  • Glass: Elegant and visually appealing, but delicate and require careful handling.

Jigger Measurement:

Jiggers are one of those handy instruments for measuring that you need to make well-balanced, delicious cocktails. But with different types and sizes, deciphering their measurements can be a bit of a muddle.

  • Stainless Steel Double jigger: The most versatile, featuring two bowls on one end, typically marking 1 oz and 1.5 oz. Perfect for measuring a range of spirits and liqueurs.
  • Free-pouring jigger: It looks like a small hourglass, often with markings on the sides. It requires practice for accurate pouring, but it allows for faster bartending.
  • Shot jigger: Traditionally holds 1.5 oz, perfect for measuring spirits for shots. Often used in combination with a double jigger for cocktail recipes.

Jigger Styles:

  • Traditional jigger: The classic two-cup design, available in various materials and sizes.
  • Bar-style jigger: A heavier-duty version of the traditional jigger, often with weighted bottoms for stability.
  • Speed pourer jigger: Features a spring mechanism that automatically dispenses a pre-measured amount of liquid, ideal for high-volume bars.

The use of bar jiggers helps maintain consistency in the taste and strength of cocktails, ensuring a high level of precision in the art of mixology. Jiggers Bar Export becomes crucial. Exporting quality jiggers ensures that establishments globally can benefit from the precision and efficiency that these tools bring to the art of cocktail making. 

Additional Tips:

  • Choose a jigger size that matches your typical cocktail recipes.
  • Always take measurements on a level surface for precision.
  • Use different jiggers for different spirits to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Use warm, soapy water to routinely wash your jigger.

Jiggers Bar Export signifies a commitment to delivering exceptional drinks and service on an international scale.

Jiggers BarTricks:

  • Level Up Your Cocktails: Mastering jigger measurements takes your mixology skills to new heights. Experiment with different recipes and impress your friends!
  • Get Creative: Jiggers aren't just for spirits! Measure syrups, juices, and other ingredients for unique and flavorful creations.
  • Cleanliness is Key: To keep your jigger clean, wash it with detergent and warm water on a regular basis.


What are the available finishes and designs for the bar jiggers?

Bistro2Restro offers a variety of finishes for bar jiggers, including stainless steel and copper, with designs ranging from classic to contemporary. 

How does a Jigger work in measuring cocktail ingredients?

A Jigger is a dual-sided measuring tool commonly used in mixology. Each side represents a different measurement, typically 1 ounce (oz) on one side and 1.5 ounces (1.5 oz) on the other.

Why is a dual-sided design important for a jigger?

The dual-sided design is crucial for efficiency. Bartenders can quickly measure out precise amounts of each ingredient by using the appropriate side, ensuring consistency in cocktail recipes

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